12 Авг 2016

Go Hard, Not Long

Good news! Riding longer doesn’t mean you need to train longer. - By Mark Carroll

The perceived link between long training hours and performance in long-distance events is still strong. We are spoilt in South Africa with rides like the Cape Epic and JoBerg2C, and it’s common to see cyclists putting in 20-hour training weeks for these events.

But are long hours the key to performance? Unless you’re a pro, the answer is no.

10 Авг 2016

Тренировки с анализом мощности

Какая же мощность, которую может развить человек при помощи мышечной силы?

Нетренированный человек может относительно долго развивать на велосипеде мощность около 200-250 Ватт, а спортсмены в гонках показывают мощность около 350-400 Ватт. Пиковые же показатели мощности у профессиональных велосипедистов в рывке - от 800 до 1450 Ватт.

10 Авг 2016

How to Avoid Damaging Your Man Parts on a Ride

Keep these common saddle-area issues from derailing your ride

Let’s start by dismissing the elephant in the room: Contrary to what you may have heard from well-meaning friends and family members, cycling does not cause erectile dysfunction.